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Holiday Net Lights – Saving Setup Time and Improving the Quality of Your Christmas Light Display

There are so many wonderful ways to get in the holiday spirit, and hanging holiday lights around your home is one of the best! You can express your spirit, style, and DIY prowess while bringing joy to all those who admire your holiday display.
When decorating the exterior of your home or business, a popular technique is to wrap trees, shrubs, bushes, railings, and even mailboxes with rows of mini lights. Sometimes  best c9 led christmas lights known as fairy lights, they are commonly used to decorate trees, crowns, and architectural elements both indoors and outdoors. The mini lights come in solid colors like red, green or blue, in transparent and multi-colored sets. Each set typically ranges from 25 to 150 bulbs per strand and can be purchased at most popular retail stores such as Lowes, Target, Home Depot, and Christmas Lighting Supply. It is common for mini light sets to be combined to form the desired length.
For years, people have spent hours wrapping trees, shrubs, and shrubs with mini lights, struggling to get the perfect space, while trying to eliminate gaps and holes. More recently, a new product called “Net Lights” has emerged, which saves decorators hours in the process and gives a more balanced look to the object being decorated. Network lights are built with evenly spaced mini lights positioned both horizontally and vertically. Net lights allow the decorator to simply place the net over a bush or around a tree, and instantly have perfectly spaced lighting. Net lights are available in all the same colors as traditional mini lights. Both net lights and mini Christmas lights have been made from incandescent bulbs for years. In recent years, LED network lights have been gaining popularity as LED lights become more energy efficient and brighter in color. In fact, LED net lights have 30 times the longevity of incandescent Christmas lights, but they often cost more than twice as much as traditional light sets.
Whatever type of decorative Christmas lights you choose, you can be sure that your display will spread Christmas cheer to all who see it. Make sure you don’t overlook the doors and windows on the front of your home, along with other architectural accents that will make your display unique. Use a variety of light types and techniques such as Mini-Lights, Net Lights, C7 and C9 Christmas lights for an additional intimate touch. Using multiple forms of lighting will give your home that cozy Christmas feeling.
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