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Buy a classic car: 5 tips that most people miss

This is probably the only type of love affair where the older object of love, the more men want it. That’s right, we talk about American love affair by car, passion for curves and chrome, speed and status that causes sane people to part with the amount of time and enormous money in pursuing four-wheeled dreams.

Chances are, you have your own classic car dream. Maybe it was to get ’63 Vette as driven by your father (and what you have promised to rent a closed automatic transporter money can best buy to take it home if he will just leave it for you. Maybe you want to restore extinct American classics and rusty, like Packer or Studebaker. Or maybe you like my friend Charlie, someone who just has to have a real version of the favorite model car they made as a child.

In the case of Charlie, a classic car, or antique, what is meant is Triumph TR-3. Almost not too sexy or the strongest of the Roadsters of England, the TR-3 Orlando Car Shippers even though it captured his imagination early and held it for years until finally, until the age of three (and after marriage – see a warning note below) He finally decided on the right time to Drive a dream. It didn’t matter that he didn’t know anything about a simple car like the 3rd – he just had to have it.

5 questions to be answered before you even think of buying a classic car

When I heard that Charlie narrowed his search for the 1960 frame-off restoration on the Laguna Beach or red 1958 which was explained by the owner in Kansas City as “good accommodation and a good driver,” I invited Charlie to drink beer. and heart-to-hubcap talks.

“First,” I said, “you will hear all the same ‘tips’ tips from all classical car experts:”

• Determine your dream: Do you want to win the Concours competition or enjoy a week trip?

• Research, Research, Research: Weakness What is the original car has?

• Find car clubs in your area: talk to members about their experiences

• Before you fall in love with the car, have it been assessed by the pros. Also, do an online background check to make sure it’s not stolen.

• After you buy, don’t drive it home yourself, no matter how much you want; Hire a reliable automatic transporter, which is not only the shipping of the vehicle but has experience with classic car delivery

“But Charlie,” I warned, “Here are five questions that you really need to answer before you buy a classic car:”

1. Is this the right time to buy an antique vehicle? Are you too busy with work that has ever been out

and drive your dream? Or is there anything else that really happens in your life that will make you not enjoy a car or, worse, make a car conflict … like marriage, for example.